established since 1977 connoisseur roofs specialises in roof seals and maintenance.

Connoisseur Roofs is a proudly family owned roofing contractor and roof waterproofing company serving residential, commercial and industrial customers in Pretoria, Midrand and Centurion. Maintaining your roof is vital to protect your building from the threat of the external elements. Waterproofing your roof seals cracks, stops leaks, protects smooth surfaces, and keeps the roof structurally strong for longer.

Specialising in roof maintenance solutions, including roof painting, crack repair, wall coatings and exterior wall painting, for houses, complexes, estates, office parks as well as industrial and commercial buildings in Midrand, Pretoria and Centurion.

Prevent leaks – waterproof your roof

Your roof is the first line of defence to protect your building and everything in it. Over time, however, all roofs become susceptible to the wear and tear that ultimately causes leaks. Roof waterproofing offers many advantages for both new buildings as well as to fortify existing structures:

  • Prevents moisture problems and damage to the interior of the building
  • Increases the value of the property – Waterproofing is a good investment
  • Prolongs the life of the roof structure, saving on the cost of replacement

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Roof waterproofing contractors specialising in:

  • Roof waterproofing
  • Leaking roof repair/ fix
  • Tile roof waterproofing
  • IBR roof waterproofing
  • Parapet walls waterproofing
  • Concrete roof waterproofing
  • Roof coating
  • Wall coating
  • Painting roofs
  • Roof seal and roof maintenance with pure acrylic materials
  • Sagging roofs
  • Flat roof waterproofing
  • Corrugated iron roof waterproofing
  • Metal roof waterproofing

Unrivalled roof waterproofing quality workmanship since 1977

Thousands of customers have trusted Connoisseur Roofs to provide fast, efficient, expert roof waterproofing and leaking roof repairs in Centurion, Pretoria and Midrand. Below are some examples of the waterproofing and roof repair work we've undertaken for a number of roof types. The quality speaks for itself. Our workmanship is often imitated, but never matched.
When a roof leak appears, it's important to act quickly before it results in water damage, mold growth and even structural issues. Whether you need a small patch-up job, more complex leaking roof repairs or ongoing roof maintenance, Connoisseur Roofs is here to help.

Specialist repair of asbestos roofs


Zink roof repair and waterproofing specialists


We fix any corrugated iron & IBR roof


Tile roof fixed and waterproofed


Registered in several estates


Concrete roof repair specialists