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Roof Waterproofing

Broken tiles or rusted screws and bolts cause roofs to leak which result in damage of valuable assets if not fixed by professional roofing contractors. In South Africa there are numerous companies that offer roof waterproofing services. They use different techniques and waterproofing materials depending on the roof and the nature of the repairs that needs to be done.

Some of the materials they use may include acrylic and bitumen based sealers. Roof contractors use quality non toxic and environmentally friendly products. They specialise in all waterproofing products and offer sound waterproofing solutions to solve any roof leaking problem. Their waterproofing techniques and materials are suitable for any climate. They offer (UV) ultraviolet protective and reflective top coating materials to ensure long lasting roof protection. They repair domestic, residential, commercial and industrial roofs. Most of the roofs they repair include flat concrete, corrugated and tiled. In addition, to roof waterproofing these contractors specialise in waterproofing showers, water reservoirs and other water features.

Property owners looking for roof waterproofing contractors can contact companies found in the Yellow Pages. They are able to waterproof any structure , regardless of how big the project is. They also offer quotations on clients' request.


The technique of waterproofing has changed over the years with new material constantly being developed to secure an area from water damage. Even different types of clothing products have evolved to better resist water seeping in. Manufactures of consumer electronics have also enhanced their range of products that are water resistant.

Most waterproofing materials are used in wet environments. Due to the amount of rainfall in a particular area, flat roofs tend to retain water which seeps into the house. Different types of membranes are available including felt paper or tar paper with asphalt or tar to help solve the problem. Even the cracks through a building need to be protected using particular types of cloth.

Most paint manufacturers offer water-repellent paints to assist in keeping out the wet weather. Even the hulls of boats and ships can be applied with a kind of waterproofed tar or pitch. In most cases waterproofing is used on building structures. They are also being used on parking decks, roof gardens, patios, balconies, showers, and other areas where water is likely to cause damage.

Sometimes waterproofing is needed to keep the water in a structure instead of out of it, like a pool liner, or a fish tank. The new technology of today's waterproof membranes would rely on polymer-based materials. These materials can create a barrier around a particular structure that needs to be waterproofed.

For you to waterproof you home properly, you have to speak to the professionals. You also have to educate yourself about the latest materials on offer.

Roofing repairs

There are a number of construction companies that specialise in providing a number of construction solutions. They are providers of roofing solutions, from installation to repair and maintenance solutions. They offer a variety of roofing solutions for commercial and residential clients as well as industrial roofing solutions.

They are providers of roof repairs offering a number of roof repair solutions. Their portfolio of roof repairs includes the provision of roof inspection services. They offer roof inspection throughout the year specialising in repairing roofs before the rainy season. They specialise in offering roof repairs on all kinds of roofs. They specialise in repairing leaking roofs made from roofing tiles as well as repairing asbestos roofs. They also repair chromadeck sheet roofs. Whatever the type of roof they offer repairs of leaking, damaged and sagging roofs. Their portfolio includes the provision of repairs on ceilings as well as roof trusses.

In addition they also offer waterproofing solutions for all kinds of roofs. These companies are dampproofing contractors offering an expert dampproofing service on most kinds of roofs. They are also providers of glazing and repair services for roof-lights and skylight roofs. They are also providers of gutter and gutter waterproofing solutions. They offer services that help in preventing lateral damp.

Clients looking for specialist roof repair and maintenance services should contact these contractors found in Yellow pages. They are the nation's leading service providers. Their catalogue of products and services are provided by expert repair servicemen. Their services are done with the utmost care and expertise. They offer affordable cost efficient solutions.




Connoisseur Roofs was registered as a roof repairs and waterproofing company in 1977, and is family owned.


ACTIVITIES: Leaky roofs, roof repairs and painting

WATERPROOFING: All roof structures


IBR and corrugated iron / zinc roofs.


All types of tiled roofs.


Concrete roof surfaces.


Fitting / securing of gutters, down pipes and fascia boards.


Exterior wall and roof painting / coating




Connoisseur Roofs? sisters company Tevega Coatings 1975 (Pty) Ltd manufacture the highest quality pure acrylic waterproofing emulsion and top coating. The formula was imported from America in 1963. These products are not available on the common market. Our motto is: We manufacture, we apply, we guarantee.




Connoisseur Roofs issues a conditional ten-year guarantee on material and labour. Connoisseur Roofs has built up a remarkable reputation regarding honouring warrantees and after sale service, since registration in 1977. We solve all roofing and waterproofing problems successfully.