Asbestos roof waterproofing and maintenance

We specialise in asbestos roof repairs, roof waterproofing and general roof maintenance for homes, businesses, schools and industrial facilities in Midrand, Pretoria and Centurion.

Asbestos roofs are susceptible to wear over time and can become cracked and develop leaks. Regular roof maintenance is required to ensure the integrity of your roof structure by applying a weather-proofing roof seal. Asbestos sheeting requires specialist coatings to seal, repair and protect the roof.

Although asbestos was a common building material in the past, discoveries regarding its link to health risks have made it necessary to implement safety measures when maintaining asbestos in buildings. Apart from removing and replacing the roof entirely, applying a roof seal (also known as encapsulation) is one of the safest and most cost-effective methods for dealing with asbestos roofs.

Attempting to remove asbestos or repair an asbestos roof yourself is not only dangerous, but also illegal in South Africa as it requires a special licence and a deep understanding of asbestos disposal to carry out. If you're not sure what your roof is made from or require assistance with your asbestos roof, it's safer to call in the experts to inspect your roof and offer advice on the best solution for your needs.

Connoisseur Roofs uses pure acrylic materials which provides a seamless, protective coating and waterproofing solution for asbestos roofs, giving you complete confidence that your roof will be safe and watertight for years to come.
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Why choose Connoisseur Roofs for asbestos roof seal and roof maintenance solutions?

As a leading roof repair, roof maintenance and roof waterproofing company, Connoisseur Roofs specialises in roof seal coatings and roof restoration services for asbestos roofs.

We take care to make sure the roof is fully prepared, and apply the selected coating to the entire roof – sealing the fibres and waterproofing the roof with minimal disruption. On top of the roof seal, we'll also paint the entire roof with exterior acrylic paint in your choice of colour to ensure a long-lasting and flawless finish.

Unrivalled roof waterproofing quality workmanship since 1977

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